Live Aquarium

It is researched and proven that aquariums help reduce stress in seniors. Here at Mount of Venus, we display a live tank with over 10 varied colorful fishes. Around the tank are also vibrant plants that promote relaxation and a feeling of the tropics.

Dining Room

By viewing the dining room as a ritualized site, we hope to bring greater insight into the function and meaning this space holds for residents.

Full Service Kitchen

Food is one essential thing that gives both life and longevity. That's why we believe in serving three healthy and nutritious meals a day(including snack). Eliminating all overly processed foods and replacing those with balanced and semi-vegan dishes does sustain the quality of life.

Living room

Large open space with comfortable reclining sofas and 50" Full HD Smart TV.


We offer fully furnished private and semi-private rooms with closet space, 20" HD Smart TVs and most importantly, comfortable beds.